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It only seemed right that we should create a separate website from our store so that we can bring you all of the latest news and reviews without having to feel the need to purchase. We aim to bring you everything we have learnt and put it right here just for you.

As we test and review all of the products before they are allowed to enter our store we have learnt a thing or two when it comes to reviewing whether a product will meet our expectations for the price. We know that looking for your new Hifi speakers or Amplifier is tremendously hard simply due to the fact there are a massive amount of products out there and not much practical advice where available.

We are normally one of the first to know of new and upcoming products so our blog will be the perfect place to catch up on the latest news from your favourite brands.

We always advise our friends, yes that includes you , to try before you buy however this isn’t always possible due to your favourite store not having adequate demo facilities or the time to show you. In light of this we will try to review every product we can in a real world environment meaning that we should be able to answer any query you may have.

Our AV Specialist and technical guru Lee Norman will perform most of the updates here so if there are any questions you may have then please leave a comment on the relevant page or contact us using any of the methods shown at the very bottom ( Footer ) of each page.

If you have visited our store in Cornwall you will have noticed that each demo lounge is based on a room in your home, that’s because we want to show you exactly how your new Home Cinema System or Wireless Multiroom Speaker will look and feel when you take it home.

Our Dolby Atmos Demo Room has been styled around the size of an average U.K. Lounge with danish styling. As we built the whole store ourself we can honestly say that we know what will work for you and how it will work for you.

We want to bring the personal touch we have in store to our blogs and reviews so some of the posts you read may not go by convention but they will be honest, reliable and written just for you.

We hope that you will find our site useful and informative and if you have any questions or comments then please do contact us.