Denon AVR-X4300H – This will Redefine The AV Receiver

Denon AVRX4300H black front premier sounds
The AVR-X4300H is set to bring the AV Receiver back where it belongs….at the heart of your home cinema system. Goodbye Sonos hello Denon.

Introducing the DENON AVRX4300H AV Receiver

Its a bold statement to say that a single product will redefine a product that has been around for decades however we believe that Denon have achieved it.

Many manufacturers are now proclaimimg that their AV Receivers are an entertainment hub, and until now this has been true after all an AVR has many technologies such as 4K upscaling, Multiroom audio and video ( Wired ) , Spotify and of course cinematic picture and sound.

denon avr-x4300h rear connections premier sounds
The AVR-X4300H is still a traditional AVR at heart as you can see by the multitude of connections.

How is the Denon AVR-X4300H different? Yes its still a black ( Or Silver ) box that sits near your TV and looks…. like a black box. It still features 4K upscaling, Audyssey Room Correction, Wifi and many other features but the defining feature is the built in HEOS by Denon.

The Denon will still empower your Home Cinema or Surround Sound System with traditional Denon sound and its nine channels of amplification with 200 Watts per channel but now you will be able to use it as part of your whole house audio system too.

Heos by Denon Review Premier Sounds
Heos is Denon’s new Multiroom eco system that has many of the features of the popular Sonos systems however we believe that the sound and performance is superior to the Sonos systems.

Previously if you wanted a home cinema system with built in wireless Multiroom you would have had to have opted for the Sonos playbar, sub and play 1’s as surrounds costing around £1600. Although the Sonos system did a good job you could hardly label it as a ‘Home Cinema System’

For £1299 the AVRX4300H will give you all the benefits of a traditional AVR with HEOS Multiroom built in making it a ‘REAL’ hub for home entertainment.
To find out more about the features & specs of the AVR-X4300H click here to visit our site or read our full Denon AVR-X4300H Review.

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