Denon Heos AVR – Real Wireless Surround Sound By Denon

Heos AVR Premier Sounds
The sleek lines of the Heos AVR house a powerful five channel amp and more.

Introducing The Heos AVR

The jungle drums have been beating since 2016 about an all new type of AV Receiver that will take the battle to Sonos for the wireless surround sound crown. Denon have now unveiled the tool to do just that… The Heos AVR. Features include a five channel class D amplifier that is claimed to give 100 watts to all of its five channels, four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 compliant inputs as well as an ARC enabled output.

Wired or Wireless Surround Sound

The main feature that will attract prospective Sonos purchasers is the fact that the surround sound speakers can be made wireless courtesy of the Heos 1 speakers and use passive speakers for the front channels. Denon have catered for a true audiophile too, if you prefer your system wired then the Heos AVR can also power passive rear speakers, leaving you to hide those wires. Speaking of wireless, there is a forthcoming Heos Sub which can be used with the Heos AVR and other Heos products including the all new Heos soundbar although no details have been confirmed as yet.

Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Multiroom

This wouldn’t be a true Heos product if it didn’t have all of the same features as the rest of the Heos family. You can of course stream Hi Res Audio from your network or USB stick including DSD 2.4 & 5.6, FLAC and ALAC files. Heos haven’t forgotten about your everyday music streaming so you can enjoy your favourite artists via Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and more. As this is a Heos branded product you can of course use it as one of your wireless multiroom zones and group it with other Heos speakers around your home.

Our Initial Thoughts

Denon have advised that the Heos AVR is due to hit the market in April and we cant wait. This product is set to bridge the gap between the feature lacking systems (In terms of surround sound) from the likes of Sonos, and the more traditional separates systems used by audiophiles. Whether you are a new comer to home cinema or looking to expand your 2.1 or 3.1 system then the Heos AVR should be on your shortlist.

Learn more about the features and specs of the Heos AVR.


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