Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar – Is this an award winner in the making

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar Premier Sounds
With the M3 Soundbar from Q Acoustics its apparent that styling is at the forefront of the design.

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar – is there a new contender to the throne?

Q Acoustics have recently announced that they are releasing a new Soundbar to their range of innovative and highly regarded products but will it have the merits to knock its older sibling, the Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar, from its throne?

Its quite apparent that Q Acoustics have learnt a thing or two in their relatively short lifespan, after all you just have to search for pretty much anything including the words ‘Best’ and ‘Speaker’ and you are pretty much guaranteed to find some of their products in the results. Will the M3 carry on that tradition?

Q Acoustics M3 soundbar preview Premier Sounds
The M3 Soundbar looks to have kept some of the design features from the M4 but with a far more sleek design.

Sleek Design

The first thing that is apparent is the design of the M3 Soundbar, its a far more room friendly design than its sibling, the M4 Soundbar, with a beautifully integrated brushed chrome stand. It would seem fair to say that Q Acoustics have placed appearance high on the design brief whereas the M4 Soundbar had more of a functional design that placed performance first.

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar rear connections Premier Sounds
The added HDMI input is a welcome addition to the M3 Soundbar


The Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar now has built in HDMI as well as Optical in, Aux in, RCA in and of course wireless audio streaming via built in Bluetooth aptX. There is also a user adjustable EQ option so you can choose from predefined EQ settings to tailor the sound to your needs. Q Acoustics have kept with the built in subwoofer as used in the M4 meaning that you should get adequate bass without the need for a separate subwoofer. The main drivers are still the BMR ( Balanced Mode Radiator) as used in the M4 although slightly smaller. The BMR promises a wide and even soundstage with natural dialogue.


On paper the Q Acoustics M3 sounds promising, it appears to be an evolution of the award winning M4 but does it have what it takes to knock its older sibling off the throne? At £299 the competition will be fierce as the M4 is only £329.

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